Welcome to Numeria – A land of Science, Magic and Savagery

Numeria, once the greatest of the Riven Kingdoms and poised to unite its neighbors under a single banner , has fallen into decay and is ruled over by a despotic leader known as the The Black Sovereign backed by a syndicate of powerful wizards devoted to artifacts they do not fully understand. The The Technic League. They seek the answers to secrets not of this world, brought to Golarion thousands of years ago with the impact of a metal mountain from the sky scattering pieces of itself across the land.

It is in this land that science, magic and savagery exist side by side and scholars from across Golarion flock to Numeria to research and exploit the technological wonders found within the metal ruins and dungeons found throughout the land; meanwhile tribes of native barbarians clinging to centuries-old traditions renounce technology in favour of their own martial and magical prowess. This is a nation where, under the auspices of technological advancement and the betterment of civilization, a select few rule a subjugated nation as despots and tyrants, placing their own power and continued reign above the well-being of their citizens.

Where Silver Mount rises like a gleaming edifice of shimmering metal above the desolate plains, adventurers strive to unlock the secrets of a land touched by the stars, and all who come here find themselves changed forever by the environment, its inhabitants, and-perhaps most of all-the strange technologies that can offer them either unmatched power or a quick and untimely death.

A Personal Note

I’ll be maintaining a running log of each session but everybody is welcome to add their own. Give your characters view on an event etc… In fact it’s encouraged. There might even be ingame rewards for doing so. :-) You can do so in the “Adventure Log” tab to the left.

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The Iron Gods - Bannermill

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