Dolga Freddert

Elderly, dwarven town councilor of Torch


Dolga Freddert, the town’s oldest councilor, was present at Torch’s founding over a century ago, and though her body has grown old in those 100 years, she remains alert and energetic. She is still capable of hefting her favorite weapon, an adamantine warhammer, with ease, though she rarely has need of this symbol in her capacity as councilor. Frustrated with what she thinks of as “desk riding” at Town Hall (she’d rather be out solving the problem herself, but without an obvious solution, she’s at a loss) she is especially grateful upon hearing the news that another party has offered to rescue Khonnir.

She confirms that the reward for rescuing Khonnir is 4,000 gold, plus the town’s scroll of resurrection if he’s brought back alive. A separate reward of 4,000 gold is still awaiting those who can reignite the torch atop Black Hill, but for the moment, the council is more interested in getting Khonnir back home safe and sound.

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Dolga Freddert

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