Val Baine

Khonnir's apprentice and daughter


Val, the adopted daughter of Khonnir Baine, was orphaned at the hands of the Technic League. On the eve of her 10th birthday she was to be subjected to alchemic experimentation by those seeking to create an artificial human being. Only the intervention of Khonnir, aghast at the idea of human experimentation, saved her life.

Finding themselves at the town of Torch both Khonnir and Val have made a life for themselves and the last several years have been relatively peaceful. Khonnir, now that Val is old enough, has started her training in the fields of magic, alchemy and metallurgy.

Deeply devoted to her adoptive father she is bespoke with worry when she first meets the party and, in honor of her missing father has closed both the tavern and the foundry until further notice. She offeres the former as a place to rest and recuperate for any group heading into the caves to look for Khonnir.

The Foundry Tavern is one of Torch’s most popular venues, but since the torch went out and its owner, Khonnir, went missing, the townsfolk have had little reason to celebrate.

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Val Baine

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