Shops and Merchants in Torch

General Store: Few unique items can be found at the General Store, which is mainly focused on those day-to-day goods needed by the bulk of the townspeople (food, tools, clothing, etc). But the store’s owner, Inkrit Kollisun (N female human commoner 3) has a handful of unique items that she’s collected from adventurers and artisans over the years. At the moment, her special stock includes a cloak of the hedge wizard (transmutation), five trauma packs, a wand of technomancy (44 charges), a +1 flaming greatsword, and a filter mask.

Market Square: The town’s skilled artisans display their wares here: weapons, armor, and exotic items forged in the violet bonfire atop Black Hill. Other folks trade here on occasion: Kellid tribesfolk, Varisian wanderers, Mendevian crusaders, and others. Most traders have left for the winter, but a stubborn band of dwarven artisans remains. When not off drinking, they can be found here trading all manner of masterwork weapons and the following unique items: a heavy red dragonhide shield, a pair of +1 viridium daggers with lead-lined scabbards, a mithril shirt, and a small sized +2 creeping agile breastplate. The dwarves also secretly have two dozen +1 adamantine-tipped shock construct bane crossbow bolts, but they will only sell them to those who share their intense hated of Numerian robots (and never to any worshippers of Brigh).

Tempting Tonics: This crowded apothecary shop offers a wide range of poisons, antitoxin, healing potions, and even a few technological pharmaceuticals (such as cureall, all four grades of hemochem, and two doses of cardioamp, along with a half-dozen meelances). She also has a small stock of enhanced potions (maximized potions of cure light wounds; CL 5, heals 13 hit points, 300 gp each).

Temple of Brigh: Old Joram, the elderly head priest here, keeps a handful of special items available, mostly scrolls that he has scribed. Given a few days notice, he can scribe 1st through 3rd level spells on request. He also has a timeworn laser torch, a wand of rebuke technology (11 charges), and a gravity clip.

Torch Guildhouse: The craftspeople and experts who work out of this large building always keep a few weapons for sale in their shop, including a +1 hot siccatitie longsword, a masterwork mithril-inlaid heavy crossbow with a metal tension string (worth 500 gp), a large supply of adamantine bolts (worth 60 gp each), a +1 construct bane adamantine dagger, a +2 breastplate, a +1 mithril chain shirt, and a +2 spiked light steel shield.

Sanvil Tret: Sanvil runs a well-stocked mechant’s stall in Torch’s Market Square. Although his stall specialises in technological items he is able to procure most mundane items with relative ease. His current stock of technological items include ion tape, a mark 1 Knowledge (Engineering) Skill Slot, a zipstick, one dose of Torpinal, one dose of Universal Serum, two doses of Vitality Serum and five batteries

Available Magic Items Several magic items are available for purchase throughout the town. These include a Wand of Treeshape, Boots of Striding and Springing, a ring of sustenance, a + 1 longsword of defending, +2 Full Plate, a dagger of venom, a wand of protection from energy, a wand of locate object, a portable hole, a rod of enemy detection, a +2 falchion of throwing and a robe of useful items (ask GM for what’s included on the robe)

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Shops and Merchants in Torch

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